“Don’t die with your music still in you.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Steve Repergel meets Dr. Wayne Dyer
(left to right) Steve Repergel meets award winning author and the Father of Inspiration, Dr. Wayne Dyer. Toronto, Ontario. 2013

(The above quote is one of my all-time favorites, and I believe it is the core of our existence).

I have always had a passion and interest for writing. A few creative writing assignments in elementary school gave me an insatiable appetite for whipping up a few stories that garnered the attention of teacher and classmates. In grade 4, my elementary teacher, Mr. Allison, gave me a Hardy Boys book as a gift. Inside the cover, he wrote, “To the greatest story writer I know.”

Fast forward to 1994. After two unsuccessful attempts at trying to sell a screenplay, and a teleplay, I ignored my inner voice and settled for a less than desirable job with a steady income. While the pay helped satisfy the immediate needs, my inner voice longed for a life of purpose. For eight years I bounced between jobs where I followed the money, not my passion, nor interest. At age 32, I was newly married, living in a new house with a new born baby, and unemployed, as the Company I had been working for prepared itself for bankruptcy.

For the next 18 months, I became mister mom. Between changing diapers and playing with my daughter, the quiet moments allotted time to reflect on my path in life. With some encouragement from my wife, I resurrected my writing endeavors. Having a passion for collector cars, I freelanced for Old Autos, a local automotive newspaper with an international distribution. It was the first time I saw my work published and the feeling was simply triumphant. (By the way, thank you Murray McEwan, co-founder of Old Autos, for giving me the break I needed).

Not long after, I was browsing the showroom of a local classic car company to brainstorm ideas for my next automotive article. After a brief introduction with the owners, I was offered (and accepted) an opportunity to write copy for their vintage, sport and antique classic car auction catalogs. A few weeks later, I cold called on a local graphics company which later led to several memorable, writing projects. While I had become self-employed and was getting paid on every writing assignment, the income was less than a third of what I was accustomed to being remunerated. However, I was living a life of purpose, and for the first time in a long time, I was happy.

Follow your dreams and success will follow. This is not an empty statement. In the early years of my writing endeavors, I had the privilege of working with automotive designer and author, Phil S. Egan, on a feature article that was later inducted into the Tucker archives of the Smithsonian Institute. Aside from writing pages of catalog copy on classic cars – some owned by Hollywood icons such as Jay Leno, Tim Allen, and Nicholas Cage – I also filled temporary positions as Managing Director of Publications for RM Auctions, and later Managing Editor for Biz Magazine. Yet my most memorable accolade came in the form of a letter written by a school teacher for his appreciation of an automotive article I wrote for Old Autos that helped a student with his academic learning while confined to his home. As you can imagine, I was quite moved, most humbled, and simply amazed that a story I wrote filled a higher purpose than simply good entertainment.


Steven J. Repergel